Quick, Hassle-Free Process

eClick Lending gives you a quick, simple, and stress-free refinance process broken down into six steps. 

1. Discuss options

Enjoy a consultation with an eClick Lending mortgage professional to review your refinance goals. Read more.

2. Apply

With your financial objectives in mind, we start the application process. Read more.

3. Review credit

We review your overall credit history to establish credit worthiness and assess risk. Read more.

4. Appraisal

A licensed appraisal company will determine your estimated property value to identify available refinance options. Read more.

5. Underwriting

Once we approve the status of your home, your refinance application will go into the underwriting process for a more comprehensive credit review. Read more.

6. Closing

After the underwriting is approved, your application is clear to close! Read more.

Call us or apply now and start the process to close your mortgage refinance quickly!

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