Ty Fiegel, mortgage loan originator extraordinaire! Ty spends a good deal of time walking me through the loan process so that I have a thorough understanding of what the next steps will be. He tracks mortgage rates in real-time with mortgage-backed securities trading software so that he can ‘shop’ the best rates possible. His fees are so low (as in NO fee), he earns every penny and then some! As the loan process rolls through the various stages, Ty keeps you updated on the loan status either by a phone call, email or text. The packages are sent well ahead of time and I recently closed on one property 12 days prior to Closing, allowing us to move into our new home sooner than expected! Ty follows up AFTER the sale too! What other lender do you know does that?
Worked with Eclick to refinance my house. James White was my loan officer and my only contact from start to finish. James was professional and knowledgeable making the experience very simple to go through.
Connor was very helpful in doing my cash out refinance. His professionalism and quick follow ups made the transaction go very smooth. I would recommend E-Click Lending. A+++!
After purchasing a home less than a year ago, I was a little hesitant to go through the mortgage approval process again, especially with a "faceless" online company. I'm glad to say that the process was almost entirely painless and flowed much more smoothly than our original loan. Ty was responsive and helpful throughout the process and delivered exactly what he promised at the beginning. Ty would be my first call if I ever found myself looking to refinance again.
My boyfriend and I own a condo in SF and we were looking to refinance our jumbo loan. I found eClick lending through a website search. I highly recommend eClick lending, especially Connor Healy. He was super responsive, detail-oriented and very knowledgeable of our refinance process. It ended up that our lender for our jumbo loan was Chase and they had a list of outrageous requirements. Connor helped us worked through it all and got our loan finally refinance and funded. Thanks for the savings!
We worked with Bernie Mohar for our recent refinance, and we couldn't be happier with his helpfulness and proactive attention to the entire process. It was by far the most trouble-free financing process we've been a part of and the offered rate couldn't be touched by any of the competitors we looked at. Thank you all for putting out a great, honest product in an industry that can attract individuals that tend to hard sell.
I recently closed on a refinance with Jimmy Webber as my loan officer. I just wanted to let you know that Jimmy is a true asset to eClick Lending. In all honesty, I dreaded the thought of refinancing – it was going to take forever, it would be nothing but a hassle, I didn't really want to deal with any mortgage people. Considering my sour outlook on the process, imagine my absolute shock that refinancing was a pleasant experience! This was 100% due to Jimmy. I've never – in my life – posted a review for anything or anyone. But Jimmy was extraordinary, I had to post the following review on Zillow and Bankrate:

When we decided we would refinance, we spoke with about 20 potential lenders. Most were pushy and had the trust-level of used car salesman. We decided on Jimmy Webber (Senior Loan Officer at eClick Lending) because he was extremely knowledgeable – without being arrogant, he was trustworthy and patient, and he communicated well and regularly. Throughout the refinancing process, we felt completely confident that not only would everything go smoothly, but that we had chosen the right person to help us and that gave us an extraordinary amount of peace of mind during a time that had the potential of being stressful. There are few professionals that cross your path that deserve a ten out of ten, in terms of ratings – and Jimmy Webber certainly does. We are grateful for his help.
Again – thanks again and please let Jimmy know of our gratitude.
I was lucky enough to come across eClick Lending, and had the pleasure of working with Ty Fiegel, our loan officer. Loan processing was very quick and very efficient. Most importantly, they gave me the best interest rate out there.
Our loan officer, Jimmy Webber, looked at our information and found a program that would best meet my family's needs. Jimmy was sincere, looking out for our best interest and made the whole process effortless; he explained everything up front and during a time when my husband and I had a lot on our plates. Jimmy really helped us out. We did not have to step foot in an office from start to finish, the closing took place in our home! I could not asked for a better experience. I used to be a whole sale mortgage closer, and I have seen a lot of loan officers make false promises to borrower(s) before knowing all the facts and needs of the borrower(s), and not being able to deliver what was "promised."
Very time-bound collective team effort. Locked rate on 4/16 and completed my refi on 05/11. They provided a better rate than other lenders in the market. Replied to all the questions I had in timely manner. I had concerns about true no-cost refinance but they have done a true no-cost refinance. Jo Gabrione and his team rocks!!!
Our loan officer was Ty Fiegel and he was excellent--very helpful and made our loan transition seamless and effortless.
Our agent was Connor Healy. With any luck, that is who you will get. He was so pleasant and personable. He made the process very easy for us to understand and work through.
Ty was extremely responsive and professional. Top notch service on a refi.
The service was fast, friendly and responsive. A few errors were made, but they got corrected easily. After now working with someone else for a home equity loan (eClick only does refinancing or we'd be working with them on that, too), it makes me realize how awesome Ty at eClick was about keeping in touch so we knew where we were in the process and what to expect when.
Steve did my refinance and I couldn't have been happier. He was extremely professional and got things done in a timely manner. Thanks again, Steve. 
On 4/27/15 I used Bankrate to research refi rates for my 30-year fixed rate FHA loan. I knew rates had dipped since I bought my home in March 2014 and the mortgage insurance premium (MIP) would be lower on a new loan, thanks to a basis point reduction that went into effect this year. I was ready to save thousands. By 5/14/15, I had a notary at my home to sign closing docs. It took only 17 days from pre-approval to FUNDED! This was quite a contrast to the suffering I went through just a little over a year ago when I bought my home from Fannie Mae. That escrow took over 2 months to finally close. Fannie Mae, my bank and the escrow company had me jumping every hoop and couldn't even agree on how some of the closing docs were supposed to be filled out. Total nightmare! This time was very different. My loan officer, Steve McGinnis, at eClick Lending was outstanding! The entire process was a cinch! Steve gave me a thorough breakdown of what eClick Lending could do for me on the refi. I spoke to other loan officers from other lenders but no one could beat eClick Lending. eClick offered the lowest rate with no points, no appraisal, and no lender origination fees, and Steve made sure that's what I got. The entire process was seamless from beginning to end. Thanks, Steve!
We are so glad we decided to refinance through eClick Lending. They were very professional and extremely helpful. Any time I had a question, Ty Fiegel was quick to respond with a thorough answer. The entire process was extremely smooth and quick. They made sure everything was convenient for us, even having the notary come to our home to sign papers. I would definitely recommend this company to family and friends seeking to refinance. In fact, I was referred by my sister-in-law to this company. They had a great experience as well.
I loved the entire experience with eClick Lending. Ty was my main point of contact and everything was so easy and quick! It was hassle-free. Every question was answered promptly and the process was so smooth! eClick and Ty are now my "Go-To" for any financing needs!
My 5/1 ARM was in the fifth year. I was worried the interest rate would go up soon, so I was looking to refinance my mortgage. Jimmy Webber was very responsive to my case. As my husband and I are self-employed, our tax forms are a bit more complicated than those of most people with W2. He was able to read through these forms and found the best solution for us. Thank you so much, Jimmy!
I selected eClick because they had the best rates out of about 5 other sources I researched, and they had good ratings on Zillow. I was not disappointed. Ty was very attentive and quick to respond to my questions. He was easy to work with and worked hard to close my loan as soon as possible. 
I searched for the best rates and these guys had the lowest rate. I was suspicious because nobody else was close to the rate and closing cost combination so I braced myself for what I was told by competitors would be a bumpy road. Much to my delight, Ty Fiegel and the eClick team made it simple, efficient, and were very thorough. I asked my way through every document to make sure I knew where every penny was accounted for and they were friendly and took the time to explain things. I would definitely recommend this company and Ty was very easy to work with. This was my third refinance and it was the easiest and most efficient out of all of them.
Connor Healy is awesome! Great service, best pricing and follow-through!
I recently did refinancing with eClick Lending without any dilemmas. We were able to close the transactions within a few weeks smoothly. Bernie Mohar was my loan officer and he was very professional, spontaneous and went the extra mile to assist me with all my needs. Therefore, I highly recommend eClick Lending for your future refinancing needs.
This is the easiest refinance I have ever done. Jimmy Webber at eClick was professional and responsive. He also worked with us to get the best available rate. I would definitely use them again.
Bernie at eClick Lending was professional and knowledgable, addressing all our concerns and questions. We just completed a refinance and would definitely use Bernie and eClick again.
We were so excited that our refinance was completed so easily. James Webber was our loan officer, who was so patient and responsive. Actually, he has done most of this entire process. James always gave us a status update. It makes a worry-free procedure. We fully recommend Mr. Webber to those looking for the best loan officer for their mortgage refinance.
The refinance process was made very easy through the help of Ty Fiegel. It went smoothly and he even talked with me over the weekend. Thank you, Ty.
Just did a 10-year fixed re-fi with eClick Lending - I dealt exclusively with Connor Healy and he was great! I was a little apprehensive about doing a re-fi pretty much over the internet, but Connor reassured me at every turn. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly, straightforward and honest. It was a seamless, painless process, and we could not have been more satisfied.
My experience with eClick Lending was outstanding. Connor and team made the whole process very easy and closing went very smoothly. I was able to refinance my FHA loan into a new 7/1 ARM loan that is saving me a great amount of cash every month now. It took just under 4 weeks to complete and I am very thankful to eClick Lending for all the helpful info and support they provided. If you are looking for a simple and intuitive refinance experience then look no further than eClick Lending, you will not be disappointed. Trust me, I went through a few other dishonest refinancers unsuccessfully before I found the wonderful team at eClick.
Refinance was accomplished in smooth, timely manner. All questions were promptly answered. Very satisfied.
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