Questions to Consider Before Refinancing

Refinancing your home mortgage is a major decision, with many factors to consider. To help you answer the overall question, "should I refinance my mortgage?," ask yourself the following:
  • Would refinancing my mortgage be financially beneficial for me?
    • What are my future financial goals?
  • How long do I plan on staying in my home?
  • Is my credit score good enough?
    • What is my credit score?
    • Do I have a stable job?
  • Do I have home equity?
    • If I have home equity, do I need/want to cash out?
    • Do I need to make any big purchases in the near future?
    • Do I want to pay off other debts (car loans, student loans, credit card debts)?
  • Will I get a lower mortgage interest rate if I refinance?
    • Will I get a lower monthly payment?
    • Will I get a shorter loan term?

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