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eClick Lending is proud to employ a team of highly qualified, dedicated loan experts who will guide you through the entire mortgage process, whether you are refinancing, applying for a purchase loan, or simply exploring your options. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, and we're happy to introduce you to our team. You can view the contact information for every loan expert, to help you connect with someone local, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

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Employees in the eClick Purchase department:

Joshua  Champneys
Joshua Champneys
Vp Of Lending/Branch Manager
Chicagoland Office
Phone: (253) 260-3150
Fax: (888) 289-8514
Cell: (630) 991-3340
Ty  Fiegel
Ty Fiegel
Loan Officer - Purchase Team Lead
Chicagoland Office
Phone: (630) 296-5110
Fax: (888) 811-1018
Joe Salvatore Paterna
Joe Salvatore Paterna
Senior Loan Officer
Chicagoland Office
Phone: (630) 537-1701
Fax: (630) 230-4231
Cell: (619) 804-1443